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Discussion on Transits (gocharas) and Astakavarga (AV).

Example chart 1: Bill Gates. Oct.28 1955; 09.21.30 PM. GMT – 8; 122W20 and 47N36.

Example chart 2: Male; May 21, 1974; 3:58 p.m 1ST; Bangalore, India; 77E38 12N59.

Kev Points:

Today is Rama Navami – It is said that chanting of the sloka “ SRI RAMA RAMA RAMA” 108 TIMES is very auspicious and gives the result of reciting the Vishnu Sahasranamam” 1000 times.

Astavarga score of 0 is bad and if Sa is transiting that house the will give very bad results. Similarly Astakavarga score of 8 is very good.

Example Chart 1: Bill Gates.

Average AV score of houses 6, 8 & 12 houses 26 and 9, 10 and 11 houses is 34. Clicking Alt PCV will take us to the Astakavarga dialog box).

Consider the planet’s transits with reference to the NATAL chart. Sa is transiting in Lagna – Lagna is the physical state of the person, essence of the person, the health of the person etc…

Based on where the planets are they cause different influences on the following factors. These aspects are there since birth.

Mo stands for the mind, mental outlook of the person.

Ve stands for the spirit of enjoyment.

Su stands for the Atma Bala and will power of the person.

Sa stands for the ability to work hard and discipline of the person.

Ma shows initiative, bravery and boldness of the person.

Me is influenced by Ma. Me is scholarship and Ma is bravery. So native’s bravery is more scholarly.

Ve and Sa influence each other.

As planets keep changing their places with time there are certain modifications on these aspects. In this chart Ju is transiting 7th house from Mo – is a good transit and is auspicious.

Sa is 8th and 9th lord transiting Lagna ans is the 4th from Mo. It is a bad transit. It denotes discomfort and unhappiness. For Sa 4th from Mo is Sukhalopa. Like this various planets will give various influences and as they keep moving, their influence on various natal references will keep changing.

D10 natal chart shows career, his Karma, the inherent potential in his career for his entire life and the Rasi Transit chart will unveil some of the inherent potential shown by the natal chart. The natal chart may show that he is an excellent businessman but the Transit (Gochara) may be bad for the native.

In the Rasi chart as also in D10, lot of Sukhalopa is indicated. At a given time things may be great in job, but there may be terrible personal stuff going in life, such as a divorce etc. There is still sukalopa.

Looking at moon in a particular Amsa As for as Navamsa is concerned he may be having a terrible time. Mo is still in Pisces Natal moon in D-10 shows the 4th house of comfort has Saturn’s transit. During Saturn’s transit of 2 Vfe years Last September Sa was in Ge. Sa moved into Cancer last September and came back to Ge in January. So the last 2 /12/ years has been lack of peace of mind.

Dasamsa Analysis:

Sa in 4 means no peace of mind. Even if Sa is a benefic in the 4th house he will give worries. To exactly find out the meaning o Sukalopaa in this case – we need to find out what is causing Sukalopa.

Looking from Lagna Sa owns the 1st and the 12th house. Means having to let something go and also the lagna – when the LL is having a bad transit it is a terrible time in career.

Astakavarga Score for Sa in Ge is 0. This is a real bad period for him. If you see a score of even 1 there is unhappiness, no peace of mind etc.

Ju is transiting Vi. It is the 7H form Mo – is a good transit. Ju is very favorable for money, profits, gains in stocks etc.

If you want to focus on short term look at Mars transit. For Ma 3, 6 and 11 are good transits.

Ma is in 11th now and pretty soon he will be moving to the 12th house of Aq. This is not a good transit and it will give losses, lack of initiative etc. He is the 3L of initiative and the 10L of Karma. We have been looking at with ref. to Mo because Mo signifies the mind.

AL is in Ar. Sa is in 3H from AL and is not a bad house at all for Sa. He will not have a bad image during this period. Until recently Ra was transiting in Ar and AL is taking a beating. Ra will be moving to Pi in next dasa.

AL is what people think of you, Mo is your view of the whole world.

Let us take Ma – Ma is in                Li.            Ma shows initiative,        drive, and the

fire within the person to               do           something. As far            as the fire            is

concerned now look at the transit from Mars

It is tough to remember which are good and which are bad.

Look at the Prastahra Astakavarga. In Libra, Ma has a score of

This means he has cooperation from 4 planets in Li. Now, look at planets which are favorable to Ma in Li.

Also looking at planets in              transit w.r.t Mars, we    see that Sa          is

transiting in the 4th – again           not a good transit.           In addition          to

Sukalopa Sa is also killing some of the initiative. Su and Ju when transiting Ge are favorable to Ma. However looking at the two slow moving planets Sa and Ju, they are not favorable. Ma is in Cp – that is a good transit for Ma.

Sani and Guru are not favorable. During last year the initiative has been slow. However if the NATAL chart is strong this transit will show the person’s drive will be subdued during this period. The person’s NATAL chart shows the basic potentialities of the person.

Gocharas show fluctuations.

Navamsa Analysis:

Ma is in Ge – from here Sa is in a terrible transit.

Sa is favorable when ASC is in Ta.

Ju Astakavarga shows the wisdom within the person.

When Sa is favorable, initiative in Dharma is stronger.

Looking at ASC, Sa owns the 9th and the 10th house. (Dharma and Karma).

For his Dharma Sa is favorable. As for Microsoft, there may be slowdown.

But his charity work will be going with full energy

When ASC is in Ta as far as Ma is concerned from Ma, ASC is favorable. During such time the particular Lagna is favorable to the fire within the person.

It may not be favorable to the wisdom within the person. As far as Dharma is concerned he may do some unwise thing.

Lagna timing is not very important because it changes every two hours. Look at Sa, Ju, Ra and Ke – they will give you a one year period.

Q: What is the significance of a strong 11th house in Navamsa?

Navamsa is marriage and Dharma. 11th house is the house of fulfillment of desire. As far as Dharma is concerned you do what you desire to do.

In Rasi chart desire can be buying a big house, or an expensive car like a BMW.

But if you look at the Navamsa the desire to relate to Dharma may be constructing a Temple, doing Satyanarayan puja, the desire to have a long lasting marriage etc.

In Navamsa even desires are good desires. Of course if you want Moksha you need to get rid of all desires.

Navamsa itself is Dharmamsa.

When you look at Kamatrikonas you are looking at good desires.

Fulfilling whatever Dharmic desires you have.

The Dharma for every body is different. The dharma for a rich man may be constructing many temples. But for a poor rikshawala the dharma may be saying Lord Rama’s name very day.

Dharma is subject based – depends on which person you are talking about.

Dasa analysis for Bill Gates.

The good old Vimsottari Dasa applies here.

He is running Su dasa now. Su is not well placed. He is in the 9th

Two Karakas for dharma are Ju and Su. Ju is Brahmana (thinker) and Su is Kashtriya (doer). Su is the biggest giver in the world. He gives heat and light freely.

Su is favorable from A9 – A9 is the manifestation of Dharma

AL is Maya peetha, Lagna is the Satya Peetha.

The 7th house is the house of interaction to fulfill your desires.

When it comes to AL the 7th house it is at the Maya level. Also the 7th house from AL shows who are competing with.

Ra or Sa in 7th from AL is good Raja Yoga. Because you are competing with buffoons – it is good for you. It will appear as if you are competing with buffoons, losers or an incapable party.

Ju when in 7th from AL is bad in one sense and good in another sense. Your competition will appear as wise but you will not lose a lot. It is a mixed placement. It will be a good opposition that you will not be able to conquer.

If it is Ma in the 7th from AL, it will appear as if you are fighting a warrior and you will be beaten. 7h from AL shows who you appear to be fighting with, to the world.

Q: If the planet that we are talking about is debilitated is there any

modification to the result?

Debilitation does not modify the result.

The state of the planet shows the state of the opposition.

Sa is debilitated in 7th from AL. You may appear to be fighting with buffoons who are debilitated meaning sad and helpless. Exalted planets are excited and charged up.

When you have Sa/Ra in 7th from AL. It is a winning combination. Bottom line is you get very easy results.

AL shows images of people. Ma when in 3rd from AL is seen as a fighter. It is a good position if you are a policeman, businessman but bad if you are a saint or a sadhu.

When you are judging these images what is good in one country may not be good in another country

If Sa is debilitated you will be overcoming opponents very easily. If Ju is debilitated you will be seen as opposing people who are wise but unhappy and depressed. That is the image you will project to the world.

Su in 7th from AL shows somebody who is opposing powerful people, the government on grounds of Dharma. Su in 9th house means he is doing lots of Dharma.

Dasamsa – Career analysis in Su dasa.

Su is 7 lord in 12 house. Su’s marana karaka sthana is 12th house. 7th house shows desires, partners, business etc… So, Su as 7th lord in 12th means that his business may break into multiple units and native may have to give up some control in the company.

Su has argala on the 11th house. So, he will continue to give gains.

Su is in A3 (Vikrama pada). A3 is the manifestation of the initiative. So, if a planet is in A3 and when that planet’s dasa is running, people start new companies, start new projects at work place and some new things that will be started at work place, but, due to previous point he may have to give up some control.

Su is also 10th from AL. 10th from AL stands for the world’s perception of the karma that the native is doing. The following is what different planets in 10th from AL indicate.

Su – Someone who is going to be a king, exercising lot of influence

Mo – keeping peace, good with everybody, maintaining harmony etc…

Ma – someone who is seen to be aggressive and is fighting (with sword or with words)

Ju – Some one who is pious and doing wise karma. Ju is also the teacher, so he will be telling someone what is right thing and the wrong thing etc. Ju being in 10th from AL is good/bad depending upon what the nature of job one is doing. For example, for a soldier or a policeman a Jupitarian karma doing teaching is not good. He could be fired, whereas for a teacher this is excellent.

Revision of Aruda padas – The 10th house shows the true nature, the intangible aspect of the karma. That is the reality buried in the native. The A10 will show the tangible manifestation of the karma, what one is and where he is working etc… The 10th from Al will show the karma that the native is perceived to be doing. This is something that is buried in people’s mind.

So, during Su dasa, this native may have to incur some losses.

Example Chart 2: Analysis of native receiving green card in uSA and

Dasamsa and Siddhamsa analysis.

When did this native get his Green Card.

Ra is for going away to far away places and to foreign countries. Karaka for green card is Ra.

12th house is for settling in a far away place. 9th house is in general for prosperity and fortune. 4th

D-4 is the chart for seeing the residence. A8 shows the tangible aspects of the 8th house like obstructions, tensions, anxiety etc… So, the difficulties one goes through when the native moves to a new place and so on will be explained from A8. But, for green card, its not mrityu pada, but it is bhagya pada (A9 – Arudha of 9th house of fortune) that we should consider.

So, 9th, A9 and12th are the important factors for seeing foreign travel.

Chaturthamsa (D-4) Analysis:

Lagna is in Vargottama. Varga means division Uttama means top or excellent.

Dasa to use – using Satabdika dasa since ASC is in Vargottama in Navamsa.

In D-4 ASC is in Ge.

Rectification of D-4 chart:

Events – Came to USA in June 16, 2000

7th, 9th, 12th and badhaka sthana are important for seeing foreign travel. Ju is the badhakesh (7th lord for dual signs). Ju is with Ra (karaka for going abroad) and Ra is also the 9 lord in the house of travel itself (3rd house).

Both Ju and Ra can give the result. But, Ju seem to have ended up giving the result. In general Ju-Ra (Guru Chandala yaoga) is a bad yoga. Ra stands for adharma and Ju stands for dharma.

So,          when they are together they don’t work well. This is the case in Rasi or Navamsa chart. But in D-4 that will not apply since, it is not matter of dharma in D-4.

When 2 planets are together, they exchange their results. So, Me-Ke exchange their results.

So, the travel seem to have happened in Ju-Me dasa.

3rd house can be a short travel also. But the bhoga for Ra-Me is in 3rd house itself where Ju, Ra are, so the travel in this period.

Sahams work well in annual charts. Don’t look at them in natal charts.

Tithi Pravesa chart for D-4 for year 2000.

Native is born on Ananda nama year, Vaisaka Amavasya with 46.47% left. So, 12 Jan 2000, 8:12:40 AM is when the annual chart for 2000 starts, when Amavasya with 46.47% left.

Hora lord is Mo – Mo is the ruler of the year. Mo will show the important events in the year.

In Rasi chart Mo is in 12th house. Being in 12th hose, Mo can give some displacement.

In D-4, Mo is 8th lord in 9th house of bhagya. Ra, 3rd lord who can give travel is in 8th house. So, in persuit of fortune in a far away land, the native goes through some instability as far as the residence is concerned during this year as Mo is the ruler of the year. So during this entire year during Ra dasa, he could have lot of instability.

Jala Patana Sahama is in Vi. Paradesa sahama is in Ar. If the Paradesa sahmam or Jala patina sahamam does not have a link with 9th house, 9th lord or , 12th house, 12th lord or badhakesh, then it is unlikely that the native will travel doing that year.

In this chart, annual TP of D-1, the paradesa sahama is at 9 Ar

Ar has 9th lord Sa and 7th lord Ju (also the badhakesh). Hence, there is a good chance that the native will go abroad.

This happened during Ra-Ra dasa. Ra is the karaka for foreign travel. He is 9th lord in Rasi chart and hence he can give the result even if he is not in an important house in the chart.

Ra 9th lord in watery sign. Classics talk about watery sign for travel abroad since it could involve crossing oceans and 9th or 12th lords in a watery sign can also show foreign travel.

Back to green card.

D-4 – Satabdika dasa.

Native is running the long Ma dasa from 2001 to 2021.

Green card is a tangible aspect. So, A9 (bhagya pada) is important. Ma is A9 lord. So, he can give a green card. Sa AD can give this result. Sa is 9th lord and is in 4th house of residence.

A malefic in 4th house can give residence in a far away place. Also, Sa has an argala on A9 and Sa has graha Drishti (a desire) on A9. Due to desire and argala he is capable of giving the result.

Software took the Ra as 9th lord in calculating A9 since Ra is stronger than Sa in this chart as Ra is with more planets (Ju) and is stronger. Also, Sa is the co-lord of the 9th house and having argala on the A9 can give the result.

To see PD, even that is too long like 2 years. So we see the current TP chart.

Tithi Pravesa chart for D-4 for year 2004:

Hora lord is Ve. Ve is 6 and 11 lord.

Presently running Ju dasa and next is Ra dasa. In Rasi chart Ju is in 9th house, basically showing more dharmic work in this period.

In D-4, Ju is Bhadakesa and is in 6th house with A2 and A8. This shows that anxiety etc. related to dharmic work, but nothing in particular to green card.

Tithi Pravesa chart for D-4 for year 2005:

This year starts on 6 June 2005 at 3:43 pm.

Hora lord is Ju.   ASC is in Cp. Ju is 3rd and              12th       lord in   3rd

house with Ma. Ra is in 12th house. Ju also is Ra’s dispositor.

Sa is in A9. So, don’t jump to Sa dasa and say that the green card can be in Sa dasa. A9 is just one of the factors for green card and not the only factor. Sa in this is LL and his agenda is new beginning and shows motherland, but not with green card.

In D-4, Karaka    for going abroad Ra is in                12trh     house   of

foreign land owned         by the ruler of the year Ju            and        Ju is also

looking at Ra in 12th house. In D-1 hora lord Ju is in 12th house Vi with Ke looking at LL Ve in 9th house and karaka Ra in 7th house. With this combination, its possible that the native will go abroad if he was still in motherland. But, since he is already in USA, he will definitely get his green card.

Which dasa this can happen?

Ra or Ve are very good candidates. Ve is in 12th from AL – This can make people think that the native has left the motherland for good – That means the native has got a green card or permanent citizenship. Ve dasa runs from June 2005 to September 1, 2005. It should happen before that.

TP analysis of D-24:

Hora lord Ju is in 4th house exalted and gives dharma- karmadhipati yoga (Ju-9th lord and Sa-10th lord). This shows the native is going to do good karma related to learning.

Ju is lord of AL and Sa is lord of Bhagya Pada. This combination is very good. Ju-Sa alsy gives Brahma yoga and is an excellent year for persuing traditional learning.

TP analysis of D-10:

Hora lord Ju is in the 10th house and shows that he is very wise at work place.

10th lord Ve and 9th lord Me are giving dharma-karmadhipati yoga and is very good. But, LL Sa is also aspecting Ve-Me. 5th and 10th lord Ve with 9th lord Me and LL Sa aspect shows an excellent year at workplace.

11th lord Ma in 11l house gives good gains too.

8th lord Su in 8th house gives Sarala yoga. This makes the person be straight forward, honest and forceful. Also, Su is in Yama amsa – Straight forward. Su gives the results in a solar way – Authoritatively. Le is the sign of authority. The native will be very assertive in Su dasa. Mo will gives the results in a Lunar way – not with authority. Su is also in A10 with GL. A10 shows the workplace and GL indicates a kind of promotion if the birth time is correct and D-10 is rectified. Su in A10 can give a better change of job.

6 lord in 6th gives Harsha yoga – cheerful – overcome obstacles easily or not have any obstacles etc.. Happy go (optimistic) people. Also it depends on the persons. If its Ma, there may be some aggression in the cheerfulness.

12th lord in 12 gives Vimala yoga. It shows pure, unblemished, great givers.

Bad planet in this chart is Ra and Ke. – Ra is in 7th house, is not good – it can give clashes in relationship and interaction from people.

Praying about Vfe hour before and Vfe hour after the new year starts will be good for this year. Ju is hora lord – In Dasamsa – dharma karmadhipati yoga from Ju-Ve – This shows Laxminarayana. Ju shows Jagannath. So, chanting Jagannath astakam or something of that sort and visiting Jagannath temple during this time will benefit the career.


Look from Dasamsa Mo as reference.

Sa is in Ge – 6th house transit. He has shastha sani transit. 3, 6 and 11 are good for Sa.

Ju transit – in Vi, gives great protection from bosses. Gives good, wise bosses etc…

Ra and Ke are not so good. Ra in 4th from Mo gives mental worry. Unhappiness in spite of the protection. Ke in 9th house will show headless bosses and stupid decisions from bosses. Ke transit in 9th house is not so good. Ra recently moved from 4th house

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